Day: May 25, 2020

Advantages of Tungsten Hard Surfacing

The service prolongs the lifespan of the parts, but also importantly, it greatly increases the efficiency of the part

Tungsten hard surfacing is a strong means of ensuring the part remains intact and serves the purpose for a longer duration without necessarily the requirement of replacing it with a new one.

Hard Surfacing serves a great purpose in maintaining the original parts and eliminates the risk of replacing the part with a fake one and ends up affecting the functionality of other parts.


It increases productivity and enhances profitability

How does it do this? With the need to be on the ground and running being in place for the greater outcome, most people end up not having any time to waste taking their working equipment or vehicles for repair now and then. With tungsten hard surfacing, one doesn’t have to waste much time in and out of the garage or welding house. A one-time surfacing will go a long way in service hence increasing profitability to an extent.


The process minimises equipment downtime

This means that it enables it to elongate the effective working time and helps one to do more within a specific time. Whenever you are not working because you have an equipment failure, it is a loss or a reduction in the active working time which consequently implies low productivity. You lose more when your tools fail than any other time, but with this tough tungsten hard surfacing, your tools will always be actively at work.


It reduces the stock of new parts that needs replacement which means less operational cost

For every budgetary allocation, the replacement of parts, as well as emergencies, are inevitable. But having the right surfacing will mean a longer time before replacement which directly or indirectly affects the expenditure and ensures areas of greater need or urgency have been given more attention and greater allocation than always spending in replacing parts now and then.


Tungsten hard surfacing improves power or energy consumption

In other words, tungsten surfacing is energy efficient and does not consume as much energy to fix your parts as normal welding. With this surfacing, power leakage is greatly minimised, and the service only takes a short time but delivers very great results. In line with this, it comes to the advantage of reducing the cost of power consumption and as a result, keeps the business running without the tendency of a power outage.

It is Cost-effective and does not provide for high-cost expenditure

Anyone looking for a cost-effective way to maintain their tools, then tungsten hard surfacing is the way to go. It may not always be the cheapest, but it is one of the most durable means of surfacing your parts. Once you do it, it will take you another long duration before you think of resurfacing your parts. Within this duration, you have saved much as well as gotten the time to invest in other areas of your equipment.


Finally, tungsten hard surfacing will automatically minimise or reduce your spare parts inventory

This is to the advantage of your business in terms of productivity and profitability. No one wants to keep spending all the business profit on repair and purchase of spare parts. These are some of the major factors that make tungsten hard surfacing a choice of many as it fits most people’s taste and preferences. You are assured of getting your parts fixed as well as your pocket well considered.