5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Trade Printer

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Fuel Tax Credits

All businesses in Australia can claim fuel tax credits for fuel used in their business. It includes the price of all fuel used in their business activities. Taxable fuel for a business is the fuel that’s purchased, manufactured, or imported.


Taxable fuels

Among the taxable fuels are liquid fuels, fuel blends, and gaseous fuels.


  • Liquid fuels are diesel, petrol, and fuels such as kerosene. Full lists are found online.
  • Two standard blends of fuel are petrol and diesel blends.
  • Gaseous fuels are liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and compressed natural gas.

Your business can claim activities in plant, equipment, machinery, vehicles that are over 4.5 tonnes, and vehicles that are light enough to travel on private roads but not on public roads.

Auxiliary equipment that requires fuel can also be included. This is equipment powered by their own motors using fuel from the main fuel tank of a heavy vehicle or a separate fuel tank.

Registering for goods and services tax or GST

To put in a claim, you must be registered for both FTC and GST. GST is a 10% tax on most services, products, and other items that are used or sold in Australia. If your business is GST registered, your customers have to pay your business this money, and you pay it to the tax services each tax period.

GST registering

  • Your business has a GST rotation of over $75,000+
  • $150,000 or more for a non-profit organisation
  • Businesses offering taxi or limousine services
  • Claiming FTC no matter what the actual turnover


FTC must be claimed within four years after you have lodged your BAS for the tax period in which your business got the fuel.


Amount of fuel


The amount of fuel that your business can claim depends on the kind of fuel you use and how you use it. So when you are ready to claim FTC, you must list when you got the fuel, the kind of fuel used, and how you use the fuel in your business.

Calculating and claiming FTC


You can find online an FTC calculator you can use, or small business owners can use the ATO app. They can help guide you through the proper steps. Be sure to check the latest rates and keep in mind that it’s possible to have more than one rate per period. Twice a year, FTC rates are adjusted according to the CPI. You can also find information on simplified FTC if you want to put in a claim and spend on fuel below $10,000 per year. After calculations, you claim your FTC on your BAS and remember that they are also business income.


Claiming less than $10,000 per year


If your business wants to claim FTC for less than $10,000 per year, then you can use the following records:


Contractor Statement where the amount of fuel used for business is deducted from the amount that was paid for services.


Financial institution statements showing only the amount paid.


Point-of-sale-docket, where the amount of fuel dispensed, is not itemised or the amount is illegible.


Fuel supplier statement or invoice that only shows the dollar amount.


You can find information online for any other inquiries or concerns you might have when you want to claim your FTC.




Office Furniture in Brisbane

Office furniture is items that complete the professional outlook of an office. Apart from appealing looks, furniture adds functionality to the office. They help office bearers execute their services to the clients, for example, office bearers sit on office chairs while executing their tasks or while providing services to the clients.

While ordering for furniture whether online or from a physical store, you need to consider some of the factors like the shape of the office and how you will go about customising furniture to fit into the office space among others.

Factors to consider while choosing a showroom to buy office furniture:

Proximity to the store

It is only sensible for you to purchase furniture products for your office from stores not far from your office to save you on transportation costs. Even if the store promises to deliver them for you, remember they will factor in the cost to cover the transportation cost they will incur. For a better bargain, I recommend obtaining your furniture from stores not far from your office.

Range of furniture products they showcase

For convenience, shop for your office furniture under one roof. This way, you will also have the power to ask for bulk goods discount called quantity discounts. If you can get every item you need in one place, your bargaining power will also increase, because once they have a hint that you are a potentially large quantity buyer, they will treat you well.


You will have to shop around until you find a store or furniture showroom at cheaper prices. You should perform an in-depth analysis of prices until you get the cheapest. That is where you will place an order. It can be challenging because you might find some furniture products cheap in a certain store while others are expensive, it will be a matter of balancing the final figures to ensure that at the end of the day you get the products at the cheapest value possible.

How long has the store been in the business?

Long-term merchants have experience in dealing with furniture, and they are seasoned in their trade, as they say, the experience is the best teacher. It is likely to get the best quality products from a store that has many years’ experience dealing with office furniture.


Quality of the furniture

While shopping around for your office furniture, you will be looking at the quality of the furniture and the aesthetics they can add to your office apart from the obvious office functions. The type of material determines the sturdiness and the quality of the products. Some may be fragile, but the aesthetics it adds to your office supersedes the material. Glass furniture is known to be fragile but stylistic. It is upon you to settle at a store that has the right quality and quantity of furniture you want for your office.


Why it is necessary to have custom-made furniture onsite

Some offices are not symmetrical as most are, in the case where you have an office with an odd shape, don’t worry, you can have custom furniture that will fit in your office perfectly. All you need is a contractor on site who will take measurements and the shape of your office and design the right furniture you need. This can sound expensive, but it can be much better when your office will be fitted with every other furniture in its place. Be sure to find the leading office furniture in Brisbane to do this work for you.


5 Tips For Maintaining Mining Equipment Properly

We all know mining the earth is serious business and it takes a lot of planning and heavy equipment to carry out the task. It takes special protocols and specific measures are taken to ensure that all goes smoothly and there are no mishaps either with the machinery or with the people involved in the process e.g. in excavator hire perth. Which is why, with such a high risk task, you don’t want anything to go wrong with your machinery or equipment. Here are 5 tips for maintaining mining equipment;

Making sure it’s lubricated

Lubrication is key. Since the equipment goes through so much resistance against the earth, it needs constant lubrication otherwise the parts and gears might dry up against such a large amount of friction and break down – or even worse, explode. Which is why you have to constantly keep an eye on lubricating the equipment, especially the heavy machinery to avoid that problem.

Cleaning it regularly

It is essential that mining equipment is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. You don’t want particles and elements getting stuck in the equipment and eventually rendering it useless. Even if you think nothing might be wrong or you could do without cleaning, you would be making a mistake. Because sometimes hindrances aren’t visible to the naked eye but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. So make sure you have the equipment cleaned no matter what.

Have a maintenance schedule

With such a high octane task, it helps to have a schedule for the maintenance of the equipment. When you’re dealing with such heavy duty mechanics, they are bound to suffer major resistance. So keep a regular check on all the parts of the machinery, and it helps if there is a recorded inventory of the equipment being used so there can be a better check on how well its being utilised or if it’s being exhausted. Keeping a maintenance schedule increases the life of your machinery as well as help you avoid any major problems in the long run.

Keeping an eye out for wear and tear

Mining isn’t an easy job when it comes to equipment handling. Parts of heavy machinery give out and are subjected to wear and tear much often than they would with any other machinery considering the job at hand is moving chunks of the might earth. Keep a keen eye out for any wear and tear!

Using resources efficiently

Considering with mining equipment, there is such an uphill task at hand, your resources need to be used efficiently. There can’t only be one person who’s worrying about all the cleaning, lubrication and maintenance issues. This responsibility has to be divided among multiple employees and some are even responsible for rechecking if the job has been done.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Trade Printer

Running a business requires a lot of sacrifices, expertise and a good plan. Financially, running a company can be strenuous, and without proper budgeting and conscious decision making, one could experience great loses. There is an inherent need for all business owners to make profits in selling their products and services. What this means for most people is that they need to provide quality material while reducing cost.

This concept for most businesses implies that every decision made should improve what they offer significantly while at the same time, either maintain or reduce the overall expenditure. Trade printers are known to present favourable wholesale prices for all printing material. In light of this, we begin our list with the most apparent reason why you should use trade printers:

  1. Cost-effectiveness –  they create quality material at an affordable rate. You get to make a profit without worrying about possible mess-ups in your products. Trade printers have extensive knowledge of what they are doing, which makes it easier for you to work with them without constant supervision. You get to use your time running other parts of your business.
  2. Quality and Reliability – Trade printers have extensive knowledge of printing machines. Thus, they know which one to use for quality production. Before hiring them, you can look at their samples and review the quality of the work they do. This gives you an overview of what to expect.
  3. Professionalism – while they might be aware of who your clients are, trade printers rarely make contact unless requested. They showcase a high level of professionalism and respect your business.
  4. An array of shipping options – trade printers have various forms of transportation options. What this means for your business is that the products you order from them will get to the required destination within the stipulated time frame. Efficient delivery eventually translates to customer satisfaction.
  5. Guarantee policies – while it is not in their marketing pitch that something will go wrong, there are guarantee policies that can be put in place in case of a problem in production and delivery. This acts as a form of assurance that the client will not be on the losing end.


Also, their customer service is impeccable as they work to wheel in more and more. Trade printers can deal with large orders and delivering on time. For businesses that deal with large-scale printing, trade printers are just the way to go. They offer adequate service while being cautious.

It is essential that you choose the right trade printer for your business since the world of printing is also evolving. They should be equipped to deal with orders that go beyond the paper.